Is your office designed for employee wellness?

Design can help with employee wellness.

When you’re designing your office, do you think about how it affects your employees’ well-being? It goes beyond having an entrance mat to reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling as they enter the building. Interior design can have an impact on how people feel when they’re in the office on a daily basis.

Corporate Wellness Magazine suggests trying to get as much natural light in the office as possible, because people have a positive psychological response to light. In fact, the news provider reports that elevated levels of stress and headaches were linked to poor lighting, so if you’re looking to keep your employees productive and happy, the lighting may be the place to start.

Additionally, the source reports that air quality can also have an effect on employee wellness. The news provider reports that poor air quality was tied to a decrease in overall worker productivity.

The Harvard Business Review reports when air quality is poor, a person’s body can’t help but slow down, ultimately affecting productivity. The news provider reports that productivity levels were up between 5 percent and 6 percent when the air quality was rated as “good” by the Environmental Protection Agency. You may want to consider adding purifying systems to the office.

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