Keep your restaurant employees safe with anti-fatigue mats

Rubber mats on a restaurant floor can help prevent kitchen spills and are easy to clean.

Working in a restaurant is a fast-paced environment, where everyone needs to be on their feet in the kitchen and serving customers. With a lot of food, beverages and foot traffic wearing down the floor, it can be easy for people to accidentally slip and fall.

In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, slips, trips and falls are a hazard to working in a restaurant, because slippery and wet floors are so common. It’s critical that restaurant managers work to keep their employees safe by adding traction to the floors with anti-fatigue mats, which are rubber so they are not only easy to clean and provide extra cushion to joints of people who are on their feet all day for work.

In addition to adding the rubber flooring of the anti-fatigue mats, it’s a good idea to encourage and educate employees on the importance of proper footwear. According to Food Newsfeed, the best shoes completely cover the feet to protect them from anything that might spill on the job, but also have rubber soles that not only provide support, but also have an extra grip. When doing research, there are certified non-slip shoes that you can point employees to as they’re onboarded.

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