Many people remain afraid to speak up about safety at work

Anti-fatigue mats can keep workers safe on the job.

Do you have a workplace culture that puts safety at the forefront? Worker safety is a critical component not only to a healthy workforce, but also cost savings. You can make adjustments, such as adding anti-fatigue mats to add more traction to the ground to protect people from spills. It’s critical that everyone in the workplace speaks up about safety, and knows that they are aware of all the hazards that could be in the workplace.

EHS Today reports one phenomenon is that many people refuse to speak up about certain safety hazards in the workplace, essentially turning into an “elephant in the room.” The news provider reports that leaders who don’t understand how important safety is to the bottom line of an organization typically cause this.

It’s important to create a culture of safety within your organization, and that starts with communication.

Occupational Health and Safety reports that safety culture can not be a one-off initiative, it needs to be a consistent thing in order to keep all employees invested in the cause. The news provider reports inter-company communications are the first step, making sure everyone is on the same page from leadership down to hourly workers.

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