Slips and falls remain a big threat to worker safety in the restaurant industry

Anti-fatigue mats keep kitchen workers safe.

Being injured on the job is a very real threat when working in the restaurant industry. Because of the fast-paced nature of the industry, there is a chance someone could accidentally slip, burn themselves or knock into something. That’s why safety measures should be a top priority for foodservice managers.

According to QSR Web, the biggest source of lost time is falling while on the job, leading to lost time as people are on the mend. In fact, the news provider reports that paid losses for falls were 4.5 times more likely than paid losses for cuts and scrapes while on the job.

In an effort to keep workers compensation costs down while maintaining a healthy crew of employees, you want to make sure the floors are free from slipping hazards. It’s easy for spills, grease and foot traffic to make skidding inevitable, but adding anti-fatigue mats to the floor can help with traction. Toast Tab reports rubber mats are an essential addition to the kitchen, because they add friction even when workers are moving at a fast pace. They should also wear slip-resistant shoes, which can also provide grip in places the mats are missing.

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