Want a healthy workplace? Give employee options

Anti-fatigue matting

Workplace wellness has become an increasing priority for employees and managers alike. As people try to navigate staying healthy while having to devote the majority of their lives to work, the office has become a way to marry the two.

Forbes reports one way to encourage healthy workplace habits is to ask for both standing and sitting workplaces that allow for greater flexibility to working styles and give people the opportunity to stretch and improve circulation.

There have been numerous studies that have shown the dangers of sitting for the majority of the day, causing a movement to stand more at work. Anti-fatigue mats can help with this, as they help relieve the pressure on joints that typically comes with standing for long periods of time, and they can be added to standing desks.

Healthline reports that not only can taking standing breaks during the workday help increase blood flow, it can also help keep weight off as you burn more calories when standing than you do sitting. Of course, adding a healthy diet and an overall active lifestyle is the easiest way to secure the benefits, but it is important to try other methods even when you’re on the job.

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