Are you taking the right de-icing measures? Heated Snow Melting Mats Can Help!

It’s safe to say the cold front has set in throughout much of the country, and many people are trying to do what they can to keep snow and ice at bay. Heating mats are a great way to protect your driveway, walkway or parking lot, as it can help keep the ice away and people safe as they walk around.

However, there are some ice clearing methods that might be popular, but bad for your landscaping. WTOP breaks down some of the best methods for clearing ice even during the storm. For one, you’ll want to avoid using rock salt, or any products that use sodium chloride, as it can destroy any greenery.

The news provider suggests people first shovel the snow away before trying any de-icing measures, as this will help prevent the snow from re-freezing afterward.

According to U.S. Roads, there have been multiple studies to show the environmental impact some of the chemical de-icers can have. It’s important that people take this into consideration when trying to clear the roads. While you may not be able to change the chemicals that are used on your roads, you can make a difference on your own by using heated mats to get rid of snow and ice on your property.

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