Keep your customers and employees safe from falls with Snow Melting Mats

When your customers or employees enter your store during the holiday season, it’s important to keep their safety in mind. With snow and ice abundant this time of year, there is a greater chance someone could suffer a fall as they enter the store. One way to prevent this is to purchase snow melting mats to create a path that not only provides traction, but also a clear path to your entry way.

There are ways to ensure your employees on the job don’t slip. According to, buying the proper work boots is a large component to helping prevent slips. You’ll want to be on the lookout for slip-resistance footwear, which have a well-defined traction pattern. Additionally, the news provider suggests there are detachable non-slip bottoms, which you could encourage your workers to attach to their shoes during the winter months.

According to The Huffington Post, you’ll want to scan your entire area for slippery spots. Be sure to clear paths on the outdoor steps, sidewalks and parking lots. Use your heated mats to help reduce the amount of ice and snow. Additionally, lay down soaking mats at your front entrance so any of the moisture people could have at the bottoms of their feet will be dried before they enter.

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