Choosing a lobby design with your visitors in mind

Logo mats can help keep the floors dry and pristine.
Logo mats can help keep the floors dry and pristine.

You want your lobby to represent your business in a way that’s both inviting and informative. When rolling out the welcome mat, choose an entrance mat with your logo on it, so guests know exactly where they are. If you have company colors involved in your logo, the lobby is the time to bring them out in some way, as it will reflect on the rest of the office space.

Buildings reports that a lobby is the first and last impression a business can leave, so managers have to make sure it properly sets the tone of what they are trying to convey to anyone who enters. The news provider also suggests that while it’s important to have personality, a lobby should have mass appeal in order to make it inviting to any visitors.

The news provider suggests managers should really take the time to think about the kind of message they want to convey to their visitors when choosing how to design a lobby.

According to Building Design and Construction, you also want to keep the lobby floor dry at all times, which is where entrance mats can come in handy since they can absorb any moisture guests would track in from the outside.

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