Thinking about your company when it comes to your logo mat.

Companies find that they need to reinvent themselves in order to keep up with business trends. Whether it’s creating new product lines, coming up with a different marketing plan or even hiring new roles, there is a thought process that goes into making any changes.

So before you go ahead and change the logo on everything from your entrance logo mat to your coffee mugs, you’ll want to pause to consider your messaging. Small Biz Trends reports there is a lot to consider before you can officially change your logo.

For example, is it one that will stand the changing times? Getting in on the latest design trends is one thing, but you don’t want your logo to feel outdated soon after getting it off the ground. The news provider also suggests making sure the logo reflects your values. Try to visualize what your company means – or is at least trying to portray – and try to put it on paper with the logo.

Interbrand reports that it’s difficult to determine why exactly the logo is so important, but managers should really think of it as a symbol. If you have the means, you may want to consider testing out a few different options on an audience before picking out a new look.

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