Minimalism is trending in the office environment

Entrance mats provide a nice contrast to minimalism.
Entrance mats provide a nice contrast to minimalism.

They say in office decor, less can be more. You never want to overwhelm your guests with too much decorating, accessorizing and loud wall hangings. Instead, it’s smarter to keep with muted tones, minimalist furniture and instead leaving it to the pops of colors and accent pieces to make a statement. Something like a logo mat can be a great accent piece in the lobby, leaving the company’s logo colors to add a pop.

According to the Huffington Post, minimalist office designs are trending, particularly in fields like medicine and research. Any profession that is known for its organizing can do well to have a minimalist design. This way, the employees and clients who are typically used to clean and organized workspaces aren’t caught off guard. The news provider also suggests that building managers in this environment should try and make sure to have all surfaces clean at all times, particularly with the usage of bright lights, which is common in these kinds of environments.

Other sleek ideas include using lots of glass to separate different parts of the office and incorporating a lot of white and sterile decorating ideas, according to DesignTrends. Futuristic furniture is also a big aspect of minimalist decorating.

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