What you want your office ambiance to say to guests

Ambiance goes beyond the entrance.
Ambiance goes beyond the entrance.

If you’re a business that welcomes clients through your doors on a regular basis, you need to think about the image you’re putting out. It goes beyond having employees to greet people. Instead, think about what kind of message the decor in your office puts out. From the customized entrance mat to greet anyone who enters to the wall hangings, the theme of the office matters.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, you’ll want to think about the ambiance you’re giving off to clients. For example, if they’re sitting in uncomfortable chairs while they’re meeting with you, they may be distracted or even try to wrap the meeting early. Be sure the furniture is comfortable with a level of firmness that won’t have clients simply sinking in and feeling as though they can’t get up.

The news provider also reports that ambiance can include music. In the lobby, consider having some light, classical music that adds a little something extra to the mood of your space. This can go a long way in greeting guests.

Think about the smell as well. Inc. reports that this can provide guests with a nice memory, rather than whatever if cooking in the kitchen. Just be sure the scent is not too overpowering.

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