Entrance mats can help make your floors shine like new.

Maintaining floors can be a challenge, particularly when it’s a wet season like winter or spring. With customers and employees alike coming in and staining the floors, it’s important to make cleaning a priority. While having a cleaning crew can help keep up with the maintenance, there are also ways to prevent a dirty floor.

Consider using a heavy-duty entrance mats at the entranceway that soaks up all the moisture brought in from the outdoors. This will allow for people’s shoes to dry off before they get too far into your office.

When it comes to the cleaning aspect, Today suggests you should do your homework. The news provider reports you’ll want to see what the finish is on your floor, so you don’t damage it with cleaning solution that may not be right for it.

You’ll also want to sweep the floor before washing it down, just to get rid of any excess dirt. Next, if your floor finish allows it, take a mop and bucket filled with cleaning solution that is easy on the finish. Soap and water can work great with this. Be sure to go over the surface once more at the end to make sure everything is clean and there aren’t any water stains left behind, as this could lead to more problems for the floor.

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