Choose Your Gym Flooring Carefully

Gym flooring is a very important factor in creating the proper gym environment. The flooring must be strong enough to hold the weight of the equipment and absorb the shock of free weights being dropped on them and allow for sound and noise reduction. There are many types of gym flooring that are fitting for every type of facility from children’s play rooms to fitness centers.

There are many different types and styles of gym flooring to choose from:
  • Rubber interlocking tiles (made from virgin or recycled rubber)
  • Rolled flooring
  • Soft rubber flooring tiles
  • Flip lock tiles
  • Skate and spike resistant mats
  • General purpose mats
  • Sport tiles
Rubber interlocking tiles are made from vulcanized rubber and are durable enough to last for years. They do not require any glue and require very little maintenance. These are the standard flooring for high impact weight rooms. These tiles come in 2’ X 2’ and come in a variety of colors.
Rolled flooring has been used for years in fitness centers, gyms, and wellness centers and is still a very affordable practical choice. This matting is made from recycled tire rubber and is seamless. It contains no VOC’s and is sound and shock absorbent. Rolled flooring comes in a variety of colors and chip size combinations that allows you to create a great atmosphere.
Soft rubber flooring tiles are lightweight, portable, waterproof, soundproof and shock absorbent. They are perfect for martial art centers, tumbling, playgrounds, schools and children’s play rooms.
Flip lock tiles require no adhesive and make for a level surface for equipment to sit on. They are made from virgin rubber and muffle noise and absorb shock. Their unique “flip in place” allows changing tiles easy.
Skate and spike resistant mats are a must in an athletic facility. These mats have a ribbed top that traps dirt and debris and provides a slip resistant surface while protecting flooring.
General purpose mats can be used for a variety of reasons. They are made from durable rubber that has an anti-slip surface for added traction. It also has a unique anti-fatigue design that absorbs shock and helps to avoid fatigue and discomfort. These mats have the capability of expansion when needed.
Sport tile work great for an easy to install and maintain way of flooring fitness centers, gyms and sporting facilities. These tiles fit together tightly eliminating seams and come in a variety of colors and patterns to create a unique look.
Keep in mind when selecting the type of gym flooring that will be used that it must be strong, versatile, sound and noise reductive. Another point to keep in mind when selecting the flooring for a gym, fitness center, wellness center, or home gym is that the room should portray style, affordability, safety and be easy to maintain. No matter what type of facility you are flooring, there is sure to be flooring that will suit your needs and budget. It is also a good idea to select flooring that offers anti-fatigue capabilities to reduce the risk of feet and leg pain.