Stay on your feet and active while on the job

Anti-fatigue mats can be a nice complement to a standing desk.
It can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits while on the job. If you have a sitting desk, having a sedentary lifestyle is a real threat. It’s important to get up and stretch your legs every once in a while. More companies are encouraging this, and standing desks are becoming more commonplace.

The Wall Street Journal reports in an effort to keep employees more energized, companies were offering the choice of standing desks, which keeps the blood flowing and employees have reported higher levels of productivity. In order to spend a lot of time standing without causing strain on the legs, anti-fatigue mats can help, because they reduce the amount of pressure put on joints that could be felt due to hard flooring.

If you’re not married to the idea of standing the whole day, consider taking breaks to help stay active. The Signal reports managers should try to encourage people to be more active during the work day. Getting up and taking breaks can not only help you stretch out your limbs, but it can also boost productivity and burn calories. Additionally, this can help reset your posture, decreasing your chances for discomfort or strain.

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Create awareness for workplace hazards

Anti-fatigue mats promote a culture of safety.
When you’re on the job, you may not be aware of all the hazards that are in the workplace. Anti-fatigue mats can help employees stay safe, because they add an extra grip, so even if there’s a spill on the floor, people can get by without slipping and falling. Good lighting can also help expose potential hazards while on the job.

Showing visual examples is a great way to encourage a culture of safety. According to Safety and Health Magazine, creating visual representation for what hazards are in the workplace. The news provider reports that visuals are a way to cut through the noise and gets the point across without making people read into what it means.

It’s important when creating a culture of safety that you’re able to effectively communicate all the hazards in ways that speak to every employee and how they retain information. However, you need to make sure the posters are not doing all the work.

Forbes reports in order to have a strong culture of safety in the workplace, it goes beyond creating slogans and posters, but encouraging all employees to get involved. By making safety a part of your workplace culture, frequent conversations can help drive home the point of being aware in the workplace.

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Try an alternative before taking the standing desk plunge

Anti-fatigue mats can help with standing desks.
In an effort to live a healthier and more active life, more workers are trying to incorporate standing methods of work into their daily routine. Standing desks have been increasingly incorporated into the corporate world landscape, with employees taking the opportunity to get on their feet and be more productive. Anti-fatigue mats can also be a nice complement to the new furniture, as they provide some relief to joints that a hard floor may otherwise not.

However, it can be a burdensome cost to smaller businesses. According to NBC Right Now, before taking the financial plunge into the standing desk world, you may want to explore alternatives to see if they’ll truly be utilized by employees. The news provider suggests encouraging employees to keep small weights at their desk and do quick exercise breaks throughout the day. Or, if your office space and surrounding area allows it, going for a quick walk to break up the day and get on your feet.

Business News Daily reports that encouraging employee wellness can go hand in hand with productivity. For example, encouraging workers to get up from their desks and talk to one another not only adds a fitness element, but keeps employees engaged in their work.

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Keep employees safe with heightened risks in the winter

Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to ensure safety.
The winter months can mean a burden for the cleaning crew, as people track in salt, water and snow that wreaks havoc on the flooring of any building. Not only is this problematic from a facilities standpoint, but it could be putting employees in safety jeopardy as they are unaware of the excess moisture and accidentally slip and fall.

According to SFM, winter can be a real hazard for employees, and it’s important for facilities managers to be on top of the slipping risks around the workplace. It’s never too early to start preparing, and the news provider reports that getting a plan in place even before a storm hits can be huge.

One way to stay prepared is through flooring. Anti-fatigue mats can help, because they provide extra traction, and even if moisture is tracked on, the texture helps employees feel confident as they walk by. Occupational Health and Safety reports that you’ll also want to educate employees on slipping and tripping hazards so they’re more alert. When employees are more aware of their surroundings, the news provider reports they tend to be more prepared and agile as they move throughout the workplace, which could prepare them if they happen to slip and reduce the chance of injury.

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