Help new restaurant staff get acclimated

How do you take on new employees?
How do you take on new employees?

Every kitchen is different, and that means that workers coming into your restaurant for the first time will need a bit of a learning curve, no matter how long they’ve been in the industry. Restaurant kitchens can vary by preference – having extra anti fatigue mats in high-traffic areas to reduce slips, setting up the chef line differently, even creating an open-concept – and employees need to have some guidance as to what kind of rhythm they’re getting into.

According to the Small Business Chronicle, training restaurant employees can vary but for the most part, you’ll want to get at least some shadowing in with new hires. This allows them to get a feel of the kitchen from people who already have experience working in the particular restaurant setting, and can go a long way in training.

However, there may be times where there are too many employees and shadowing one person can be difficult. Food Service Warehouse suggests you will want to consider assigning a mentor to new staff. Someone who has been with the establishment for a while and can serve as a point-person to overseeing training. The news provider points out that the better the training, the higher new employee retention, which is an added bonus.

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