The restaurant industry continues to need humans on the job

There will always be room for humans in the kitchen,
There will always be room for humans in the kitchen,

As processes become more automated, there has been talk that the restaurant industry will start looking into technological means to better serve customers. This could mean more tablets, computers and other technology being used to take orders. However, this does not mean that workers are leaving the rubber mats of the kitchen floor.

The Fiscal Times reports that while some have suggested that technology will reduce the number of kitchen jobs, it’s actually just reshaping how workers do their jobs. The news provider goes on to say that while processes like ordering and basic kitchen prep can be done through technology, overall kitchen jobs require a level of precision that only humans are able to do. Especially when it comes to cooking complex dishes, humans are necessary to make sure that everything is done correctly. Humans could also be more equipped to handle food safety issues, as there are no technological capabilities that can account for outside hazards.

Still, the robotics trend is not going away. According to Eater, over the past decade, restaurants have been using robots as a way to attract customers to a completely different dining experience than they’re used to. While it may be a part of the gimmick, these restaurants will still require some human aspect.

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