Try to find efficiencies around the kitchen

Anti-fatigue mats can help reduce the pain of standing.
Working in a restaurant can mean spending long hours standing, ultimately having an effect on your feet and joints. While anti-fatigue mats can rubber-soled shoes can help, because they both reduce the strain placed on joints while standing on hard tiles, it’s critical to look for other opportunities that help reduce the amount of time spent standing.

Being more efficient in the kitchen can mean not only are you more prepared for a rush of crowds, but you’re spending less time being stationery and working on a specific task at hand. Food Newsfeed reports it’s important for restaurant managers to take a step back and look at all of their processes and procedures to see what is working and what’s not. The news provider suggests mapping out every single process to see where the biggest time burdens are.

QSR Magazine reports there are plenty of opportunities to help cut down on time prepping and instead focus on other tasks to make your shift a success. Prepping the ingredients is a major aspect, as the news provider reports that using a blender to finely chop ingredients not only reduces the amount of time standing in one place over a cutting board, but it helps the ingredient be ready in seconds flat.

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