Be mindful of falls in the workplace

Help reduce the chances of falls in the workplace.
Help reduce the chances of falls in the workplace.

Falls are a serious problem in the workplace. While anti-fatigue mats can add an extra layer of traction, helping to reduce the chances of falling, it’s still important that employees are aware of their surroundings.

According to Safety + Health Magazine, falls remain a prevalent problem among the workforce. Although managers may stress the importance of safety, employees themselves need to be vigilant of their surroundings in an effort to ensure they stay safe on the job. Some ways to stay alert include paying attention; the news source reports that if you’re distracted while walking around the workspace, you may unintentionally trip on something you may have otherwise noticed.

Additionally, the news provider suggests avoiding carrying large objects whenever you can, as they can obstruct your view. Instead, consider getting a hand truck or lift so you can wheel it and have a clear line of vision.

Healthy Working Lives reports the main causes behind falls at work include uneven floor surfaces, wet floors and poor lighting. If employees have their line of vision blocked or they’re unable to see some of the hazards on the ground due to poor lighting, you may be sitting yourself up for losing workers to sick time following an injury.

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