Be smart with warehouse space – think multiple floors

When building a warehouse, build up.
When building a warehouse, try building up.

Thinking about a warehouse from an efficiency perspective, there are a lot of ways to make a space really work. Adding staircases with rubber treads is a great way to make all of the space of the warehouse accessible, creating multiple floors with safe treading that allow workers to move inventory to places they wouldn’t be able to reach with a single-story warehouse.

Inbound Logistics reports one of the best ways to make a warehouse more effective is to add extra flights of stairs. This move can help companies take on less cost when paying for land, since they’re able to reduce their overall size in favor of moving upwards. Cost is not the only thing that could be reduced by this move. The news provider reports that decreasing the size of a warehouse can also reduce its environmental impact.

There are other design trends managers should consider when planning out their warehouse design if building from the ground up. According to Supply Chain 24/7, using energy management tools to determine exactly how much energy is being consumed can give managers a clearer picture as to what is going on within the warehouse. This way, managers can make the necessary moves to adjust any equipment that is using too much energy and put dimmers and other automated systems in place to reduce the overall consumption.

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