Fall fatalities in the workplace are on the rise

Falls are on the rise.
Falls are on the rise.

Worker safety is one of the largest focuses within any organization. Signs, rubber treads on stairs to reduce slips, mats in entryways and warning labels are all ways that managers can do their part to ensure their employees are informed about the hazards of the work space.

Falls on the job are common, but fatalities due to the fall are increasing. According to Business Insurance, the number of people killed due to falling or tripping increased by nearly 10 percent in 2014, with 647 fatalities in comparison to 595 the previous year. In addition to counting falls from the same level or to a lower level, the news provider reports that falling structures, openings on another level or weak surfaces contributed to the fatalities.

Managers need to keep employee safety a priority, and making little adjustments around the workplace can go a long way. Installing rubber treads on stairs can provide extra grip even when shoes have excess moisture on them.

According to the SF Gate, to improve stair safety even more, add hand rails to each side of the staircase. This can ensure that no matter what direction the employee is traveling, they always have something to hold onto should they slip or trip while walking.

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