Preventing falls in a healthcare facility

Rubber mats can help prevent falls.
Rubber mats can help prevent falls.

The healthcare field is a fast-paced environment where employees find themselves rushing around to tend to their patients. Unfortunately, moving at such a quick pace can leave workers susceptible to accidents, like tripping and falling. While rubber mats can help provide traction to people on the go, managers will want to make fall prevention a focus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, slips in a healthcare facility are frequently caused by excess moisture on the ground, poor lighting, objects on the floor and flooring irregularities. If an employee is not paying attention, he or she may trip and fall before they have time to catch themselves, potentially resulting in injury. If managers know of where certain hazardous flooring conditions are, making sure to have rubber mats in the area can add an extra bit of traction.

Additionally, staff will want to put up signs wherever there is a slippery surface to warn others about the hazardous area.

Falls in the healthcare field are an increasing trend, and some are at risk more than others. According to EHS Today, older employees in the field are five times more likely to have an accident than younger workers. Managers may want to keep this in mind when talking to their employees about safety protocols.

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