Preventing falls in the kitchen

Are your floors slip-resistant?
Are your floors slip-resistant?

Working in a restaurant can be dangerous due to the fast-paced environment. Kitchen employees will frequently find themselves rushing to grab ingredients, fulfill orders and ask any questions they may have to the waitstaff. While it’s important to put protocols in place, such as shouting “behind” when passing people away from their line of vision, there are still other things managers can do to prevent accidents.

According to Small Biz Trends, slips and falls in the workplace are one of the top causes for injury. The news provider suggests putting rubber mats down on restaurant kitchen floors in order to give employees some traction. Because kitchen floors are nearly always covered in tile, they can quickly become slippery due to heavy traffic, built up residue and spills.

The National Restaurant Association reports that managers should do what they can to track how slippery their floors are. Inspecting every part of the floor to see if there are some areas that are more hazardous than others can show where the rubber mats should be placed within the kitchen. Additionally, the news source suggests making it a requirement for all employees to wear slip-resistant shoes, so there is less of a chance that they have a slip or a fall.

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