Protecting workers from slips in the kitchen

Rubber mats can provide additional traction.
Rubber mats can provide additional traction.

The kitchen is a bustling environment, and workers frequently have to think on their feet as they navigate between their fellow cooks and service people. However, it’s important for managers to keep all workers aware of the safety hazards around the kitchen both in signage and by putting measures in place to prevent an accident.

When cooking in a kitchen, it’s really easy for grease, food and other fats to make its way onto the floor. According to the Small Business Chronicle, this could put workers at risk for slips, trips and falls. Tile is known for being a slippery surface, so adding rubber anti-fatigue mats can not only provide comfort to those on their feet all day, but also bring extra traction. This can help keep workers safe from potential accidents even when there isn’t enough time to clean up the mess immediately.

Additionally, the news provider reports that uneven surfaces can be common issue in kitchens. Anti-fatigue mats can help smooth surfaces, so workers are less likely to trip on raises on the floor.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration recommends having employees wear slip-resistant footwear while in the kitchen, as these kinds of shoes can provide an extra level of protection.

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