Reduce falls at work with the help of mats, limiting distractions

Work to reduce falls on the job.
Work to reduce falls on the job.

Those who have to be on their feet all day at work understand the possible injuries that can crop up. Particularly in a fast-paced field, it can be easy to not pay attention while working and suddenly slip and fall. While anti-fatigue mats can add a bit of traction that can prevent the number of these incidents happening, it’s still critical for employees to be paying attention while on the go.

Reliable Plant reports that greasy, wet or freshly-cleaned floors are the most common reason for falling at work, because these problems are typically harder to see. It’s important not only to provide mats to give employees some traction, particularly in heavily-trafficked areas, but also put up signs to alert individuals of the danger. Once an issue is reported, it should be immediately marked to avoid further injury.

Faulty floors are not the only way that workers can injure themselves. According to the Global Dispatch, being mentally stressed while on the job can cause people to lose focus, ultimately putting themselves in danger if they are not paying attention. Managers should do what they can to improve workplace wellness and keep an eye out on employees who seem very distracted.

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