Restaurants should always make different kinds of safety a priority

Anti-fatigue mats can keep employees safe from falls.
Anti-fatigue mats can keep employees safe from falls.

Restaurant managers need to be at the top of their game when it comes to safety. Using anti-fatigue mats around the kitchen to protect workers for slips and falls makes safety a priority, but there are other steps managers can take to ensure the health and safety of both employees and customers stays at the forefront.

Monitoring food safety regulations go past the restaurant’s manager into a whole different industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, food safety supervisors inspect restaurants, food manufacturers and other food providers to ensure that everything is up to code and products are free from any harmful bacteria.

Inspectors will check every location and piece of equipment for cleanliness to ensure that the proper protocols are being followed. This can even include doing a deep dive into hard-to-reach spaces where germs can grow but restaurant employees may not be able to see.

There are other ways managers can help make safety a priority. The National Restaurant Association suggests all managers teach their employees about the different kinds of food allergies so they can ensure that all guests who have food allergies do not fall victim due to cross-contamination. Having an expert on staff can also help when the restaurant is especially busy.

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