Restaurants feeling the heat to hire more workers

Can your employees navigate the floor?
Can your employees navigate the floor?

There’s a lot that goes into building a restaurant. For starters, there needs to be a team of highly-trained professionals who range in skill set from preparing meals to memorizing orders and delivering them to customers. Navigating the anti-fatigued mats of the kitchen can be tricky, particularly in a high-pressure environment, and it appears that restaurants need help.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the People Report Workforce Index, which is a survey that measures the pressures facing the restaurant-hiring environment, rose recently. This indicates that the industry will face more pressure to properly staff the industry. The news provider reports the main pressures were in vacancies, problems with recruiting, turnover, employment expectations and overall employment levels.

In an effort to ensure that the staff that is already in place is able to handle the pressures of the work environment, managers should put in a training program in place. According to BPlans, managers will want to set clear goals for what they hope their employees get out of the training. It’s important that these goals are segmented by responsibility, and managers should have a conversation with each employee about the goals. This way, the two can work together to ensure the worker is fully prepared for any responsibility the position may entail.

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