Treat your stairs with rubber stair treads to keep employees safe

How safe is your staircase?
How safe is your staircase?

The workplace can be a busy environment, with employees bustling about trying to complete all of their daily tasks. However, worker safety is always a priority no matter how busy things get. It’s important to take extra precautions for worker safety, such as installing rubber stair treads to add traction, to ensure that employees are safe in their working environment.

Falls are a frequent occurrence in the workplace, and the stairs can be a major hazard. According to EHS Today, people tend to focus only on the first and last three stairs when they’re climbing, meaning any hazards in between could be missed by the average person. As a result, companies will want to think about adding traction to all of the stairs, to ensure that people do not accidentally miss a visible slippery surface.

There are other ways to make sure the stairs remain safe. recommends making sure stairwells are well-lit at all times so that people have a clear path. Even if there is natural lighting in the staircase, managers should consider adding bright, eco-friendly lights in order to make sure it’s lit at all times. Additionally, installing hand rails up both sides of the stairs will give workers something to hang onto, helping to prevent falls.

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