Use stair safety when working in the warehouse

Are your stairs safe in the warehouse?
Are your stairs safe in the warehouse?

In order to keep all of a company’s inventory in one place, many businesses buy huge warehouses that can store all available goods, as well as any store display or other things they might need. However, in order to make as much use of the space as possible, warehouses typically need to be multiple levels.

This can mean carrying major boxes, inventory and other materials up and down the stairs whenever there’s a shift in inventory. While there is material handling equipment such as stackers and lifts available to stack on shelves, changing floors can be tricky. Workers need to be prepared to utilize the stairs in a safe manner. One way managers can make sure no accidents happen on the stairs is by installing rubber treads for easy grip.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, stairs should also have at least one handrail at all times to assist people as they walk up the stairs. This can help, in addition to the rubber treads, people who might trip while walking up the stairs catch themselves.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports having contrast paint can also help people visualize the stairs, making them more mindful as they climb, even if they’re carrying inventory.

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