Work to prevent fires in the kitchen

Keep the chaos out of the kitchen.
Keep the chaos out of the kitchen.

Working in a restaurant kitchen can get chaotic, and employees frequently have to watch where they’re moving on the rubber mats of the kitchen floor to avoid any collisions or potentially dangerous situations. When working over an open stove or using other kitchen appliances, there’s always the risk of fire, and workers should know the proper protocols for preventing such accidents.

According to Total Food Service, managers should make sure there is always someone available in the kitchen while food is cooking in the event there is an issue. This may mean keeping people in charge of the stove, only to rotate out when there is backup assistance during the time of a break.

Additionally, should an accident occur, each kitchen needs to be equipped with the proper fire protection equipment so workers are able to take care of the situation swiftly.

It’s not just human error that could cause a fire, but also the equipment used in the kitchen. The National Restaurant Association suggests doing routine maintenance on anything electric to make sure that everything is working properly and not in danger of malfunctioning. These kinds of routine checks can go a long way in preventing fires in the kitchen.

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