Think about workplace layout for employee benefits

Be smart about office design.

Making sure employees feel satisfied with their work environment is important. When they’re walking on top of the entrance mat day in and day out, do they feel excited to come to work? Or are they just plugging along? The way that you set up your office space could have positive implications for overall employee health.

According to Architecture and Design, new research suggests that building design could affect overall employee health. The news provider reports in an effort to keep all working styles happy, more businesses are trying to accomodate by designing open floor plans to increase collaboration but also offering closed offices and workspaces for when people need to focus. Additionally, focusing on sustainable business practices and eco-friendly supplies had a positive impact on employee health.

As long as employees are able to change up what they’re doing on a regular basis, they may find productivity benefits. According to Fast Company, workers struggle to stay as productive when they’re stuck at their desks all day. Instead, providing the opportunity to have more potential meetings and walk around the workspace can help foster creativity and boost productivity. When people are collaborating, there is less of a chance of being in a rut.

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