Organizations need to make fall prevention a priority

Add anti-fatigue mats to keep fall prevention at the forefront.

Are you up to date with your worker safety training program? It’s critical to make sure you have a healthy and safe working environment, but unfortunately a lot of organizations can fall behind.

Safety and Health Magazine reports that the most common violations for safety is the general requirements for fall protection at number one, and the training requirements for fall protection at number eight. To avoid being penalized for violations, and to avoid paying for an injured employee, it’s critical that you make fall prevention a priority.

In addition to having a training program, you may want to consider having anti-fatigue mats on-site, which can add some traction and help people keep their balance, preventing potential falls.

The Mayo Clinic suggests there are other ways you can reduce the chances of an employee falling while on the job, like making a clear pathway and keeping the workplace clear at all times. Remove boxes, plugs and other raised items that could unintentionally trip someone who isn’t looking where they are going. Additionally, making sure the workplace is well-lit, so employees can see the path in front of them, can help identify any potential tripping hazards that could lead to a fall.

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