Restaurants are trying to fight the talent gap

The anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen could see fewer workers.

Typically around school vacations and holidays, there is usually an uptick of younger people looking for jobs. It would be common occurrence to have lots of seasonal workers standing on the anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen during the summer months, waiting to greet potential customers. However, it seems as though managers are having a hard time attracting talent in the restaurant industry.

According to The New York Times, the restaurant industry is struggling to attract workers for both the kitchen and the waitstaff. The news provider reports that the talent pool is already limited and because there is an abundance of restaurants that keep opening, making the fight for talent even more difficult. According to the source, restaurant managers have had to get crafty in attracting talent by offering incentives and turning to programs for training new workers to help bridge the gap.

In addition to the growth of restaurants, Mic reports that one of the major competitors for part-time work is the rise of car-sharing programs such as Uber and Lyft. Because people can make their own hours, they’re attracting a lot more young talent that’s looking to make extra money but not commit to a regular schedule.

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