Foot exercises can help combat pain

Standing Desk Mat

If you’re standing a lot, you may notice that you start to feel pain in your joints from all the pressure. Anti-fatigue mats can help with that, as they provide an extra layer of cushion that is not as severe as a hard floor, ultimately helping your joints adjust to the long periods spent standing.

Good shoes can help, too, as they provide an added layer of support that will keep your feet comfortable no matter how long you stand for. However, if you tend to experience pain in the feet from time to time, you’re not alone. But there are exercises available that can help you feel as good as new.

The New York Post reports placing a ball under your foot and moving it back and forth between the ball and heel of the foot for 30 seconds can help massage the muscles and relieve pain. Repeat on the other foot as needed.

Everyday Health also suggests raising one leg at a time and taking turns between pointing your toe and flexing your foot. By doing these small movements, you can help stretch out the smaller muscles in your foot that can be harder to reach, but still important to your comfort levels.

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