Want a fresh take on the office? Keep it clean

Entrance mats can keep your office clean.
Entrance mats can keep your office clean.

Have you ever considered a change in your office space? The lobby is the first thing someone sees when they enter, other than maybe the logo entrance mat that greets them at the door, and taking the time to do a refresh can have potential customers, employees and guests feeling like they’re walking into a brand new, fresh space.

It doesn’t have to be major changes, even simple adjustments can make a difference. According to American Coin-Op, taking the time to wipe down all surfaces and keeping the floors clean on a regular basis can give the space the feeling of newness. Entrance mats can help keep the floors tidy, as they provide traction on the bottom of shoes that helps stop dirt and grime from traveling any further.

Keeping the workplace clean is a team effort. In addition to having mats to lock onto the dirt, Monster reports that cleaning supplies should be readily available. Whether you’re able to pay for a cleaning crew to visit on a regular basis, or you encourage employees to pitch in wherever they can. The news provider suggests designating responsibilities to employees, so they know exactly what they need to do to keep the workspace clean.

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