On your feet in the restaurant business may be good for health

Cushioned mats under your feet make work so much more comfortable.
Cushioned mats under your feet make work so much more comfortable.

Working in the restaurant industry, you’re constantly on your feet. Whether you’re cooking and running around the kitchen or waiting on patrons, you don’t sit too often when working in a restaurant. Because of this, managers frequently have anti-fatigue mats on the floor to ease the strain on the legs and feet. The cushions give workers the extra support they need during those long shifts.

However, the fast-footed pace of restaurant work may actually be good for employees. As research continues to come out on the dangers of sitting for most of the day, it appears that standing on the job may be the best thing for you. Reuters Health reports that people should aim to stand between two and four hours throughout the day.

The news provider discusses how sitting for long periods of time during the day can have longstanding health effects down the line. This is why more people may be looking for jobs that have them stay on their feet.

Even for those who spend a lot of their days sitting, they may want to consider going on walks during the day. The Independent suggests spending at least half of a working day on your feet in order to reduce the risk of such maladies as diabetes, cancer or even heart attacks.

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