Make restaurant safety training a priority

Working in a restaurant can bring up a lot of potential hazards, and employees who aren’t familiar with the lay of the land may not realize exactly how many dangers they could face. Adding anti-fatigue mats to the floor can help reduce the chances of falling, which can help, particularly in a busy environment.

However, it’s important all staff members are well-versed in the proper safety precautions. According to Web Restaurant Store, you should walk all new hires through the ins and outs of restaurant equipment, so they know how to properly prepare food without putting themselves at risk of injury.

Also assess the most common types of restaurant work-related injuries, such as lacerations, burns, strains and eye injuries. Make sure you have detailed signage about how all of these injuries can be avoided, so employees are well-versed and able to take the right precautions.

In addition to physical hazards, you’ll also want to be aware of the environment and how it affects mental health. Food Newsfeed reports that because restaurants can be extremely busy, they can be a stressful environment to employees who are not used to the pace. Taking the time to check in can go a long way in helping their ability to handle the high-pressure situation.

With restaurant safety comes awareness training

Anti-fatigue mats are great for restaurant safety.

Working in a restaurant is a fast-paced environment where workers need to always be on their feet and attending to customers while checking in with the kitchen. It’s common for the workspace to be lined with fatigue mats, not only to provide relief to people who have to be on their feet for the majority of the day, but also to add traction to floors that can become slippery and dangerous due to wear and spills.

The Small Business Chronicle reports that restaurants remain one of the highest instances of worker injury. Because many people are running around, there are open flames, frequent spills and sharp objects, it can become burdensome to try and reduce the amount of injuries on the job. Still, the impetus is on the restaurant manager to ensure people are being trained correctly and aware of the potential injury risks that come with the job. Awareness is key in helping people become more cautious.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that slips at restaurants remain a very real concern because of the amount of times something is spilled on the floor. The news provider reports it’s critical to not only clean up the mess immediately, but take extra precaution in adding traction.

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Automation brings changes to restaurant safety

Anti-fatigue mats can keep people safe in the restaurant industry.

Working in the restaurant industry can make for an extremely fast-paced environment. Having anti-fatigue mats on the floor of the kitchen and serving area is a good idea, as it reduces the chances of employees falling due to a spill or particularly worn, slippery floor. However, there are other adjustments you can make around the restaurant as well to keep up with the busy nature.

According to Restaurant Business, automation is making its way into the restaurant industry. While it can be used for tracking the quality of food and keeping a consistent temperature, regulating the food as it should be, some restaurant managers are using the technology to keep their employees safe.

The news source reports that the newest technology allows new hires state-of-the-art virtual training, that puts them in the shoes of their task before they’re out on the floor. The news provider also reports that this technology can be used to refresh training for employees who have been on the job for a while.

Green Biz reports that some restaurants are even using new technology to supplement human workers, by doing tedious tasks such as flipping burgers or sorting the food, which helps reduce traffic flow in the kitchen.

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