Add a sense of welcoming to your lobby

Do you have personality in your entryway?
Do you have personality in your entryway?

Thinking about a workspace redesign? You’re not alone. With so many businesses putting a focus on culture, many buildings are getting facelifts and office spaces are being designed with comfort and ease in mind. Dallas News reports that office spaces are trying to provide a sense of relaxation, and the latest designs in buildings are showing the trend moving forward.

According to the news provider, a growing trend in building development is to make the workplace seem like somewhere people would want to hang out. The source reports that while original design trends suggested that buildings use grand entrances and lobbies, it’s since shifted into a design where people can feel comfortable having a meeting with coworkers or clients.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t try to make your office design your own. For example, make sure you have a customized entrance mat that will greet visitors and employees as soon as they enter. You want your space to feel welcoming and also add a bit of personalization.

According to Seattle PI, building designers are trying to make people feel more at ease when they enter. While they once may have been viewed as simply a place to walk through, they’re evolving into a place where people can catch up with one another.

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