Keep breaks a part of your routine when you’re working on your feet

Too much of something is never good, and that translates to how people are working as well. It’s important to break up your position throughout the work day, because even though you may be comfortable spending hours sitting or standing, there can be down sides.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety reports while standing is a natural human position, there are cases in which it can ultimately lead to foot pain, back aches and other maladies due to the amount of weight placed on the joints throughout the day. While anti-fatigue mats can help with this, as they provide cushion that offers relief to the skeleton, it’s still important for employees to take breaks.

Breaks can help you shift weight from your joints. Whether you go for a quick walk, stretch or take a seat to break up your work day, these changes in stance will offset pain. According to Runners World, trying to be mobile throughout the day can go a long way in making positive health strides. If it’s possible to both sit and stand throughout the day, try and split it evenly. If you start to experience any discomfort, try stretching out the muscles.