Improve Outdoor Safety with Outdoor Heated Mats

Have you had it with having to pull out the snow blower, snow shovel and ice melting salts to clear the walkways, sidewalks and entrances to your business? Why not take advantage of the revolutionary Outdoor Heated Mats and let them do the work for you? These mats virtually take away the need for using a snow blower, sprinkling salt and shoveling. Keeping walkways, sidewalks, entry-ways and handicap ramps is a must for customer safety and accessibility to any business.

In addition to reducing the amount of man hours that one has to dedicate to snow and ice removal; heated mats also reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. All mats are made of non-slip materials that have electronic heating devices to melt snow and ice. This method of automatic snow and ice removal is much more affordable than embedded snow melting systems. Plus, they are “greener” than snow melting systems as well.

Customers can get different types of heated snow melting devices:

  • Sidewalk mats- Sidewalk mats include an electronic heating element that is neatly sandwiched between two pieces of durable non-slip rubber. Capable of melting up to 2 inches of falling snow per hour and melting through 2 inches of ice. These can be used on sidewalks, walkways, pathways or handicap ramps.
  • Rubber stair treads- Rubber stair treads are designed for industrial use and are built with non-slip, UV protected rubber. These treads can be left outside for the entire winter and are able to withstand the harshest weather. They come as a single mat or linked together to create a set of multiple stair mats. The customer has the ability to connect up to 10 treads to a single outlet.
  • Aluminum stair treads- Aluminum stair treads are made of extruded aluminum with an abrasive filler to provide extra traction. They run on 120 or 240 volt outlets. These are capable of being left outside all winter long without fear of rusting.
  • Heated underlay mats- Heated underlay mats will fit under almost any type of floor mat and comes in fourteen different sizes.

The search for a way to maintain a clean safe walkway for customers and employees is over. Now, with Outdoor Heated Mats business owners no longer have to invest in an expensive hard to install embedded snow melting system. No longer do they have to shovel snow, throw salt or pull out that heavy snow blower to keep the premises clear of snow and free of ice.

Outdoor Heated Mats will save hours of manual labor on the business owners part and make the business more attractive and lessen the liability due to slip-and-fall accidents.  They are a cost-effective solution to keeping snow and ice out of high traffic areas. These mats can be used year after year. They should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, carefully rolled up and placed back in its original packaging and stored in a cool dry place. Protect your walkways, sidewalks, handicap ramps and stairs with a heated outdoor mat or stair tread and rid yourself of those manual snow and ice removers!

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