Keep safety in mind during the busy holiday season

Anti-fatigue mats can reduce slips.

The holiday season typically means bringing on a whole new workforce in an effort to deal with the demand. Because hiring increases so much and it’s such a busy time, the typical safety training that comes with onboarding may not happen as it normally would.

Modern Material Handling reports the holiday season is usually when worker safety becomes a bigger issue for most companies, because there is not enough time to adequately train employees on safety hazards in the workforce. Additionally, everyone is moving around at a hurried pace and it could leave them susceptible to potential injuries they may not have otherwise met during normal business time.

Additionally, the news source reports because it’s such a busy time, workers may be met with having to lift more items than a regular shift worker, and if they’re not properly trained, they could be putting themselves at risk for injury.

However, there are things you can do to help prevent certain safety issues at work. Adding anti-fatigue mats to the floors are a great way to reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling while on the job. Safety and Health Magazine reports that slips can happen when there is not enough friction on the floors, and adding anti-fatigue mats is a way to add some traction.

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