Logo Mats can help with your office design!

Are you keeping your employees in mind when you design your office? After all, they spend the majority of their week at the business, so it’s important that the environment is an easy one to work in. Going beyond the personal branding, with the logo mats, company accolades and other promotion, it’s important to think about the overall design of the space.

If you’re designing your own office, or planning a re-design, there are certain things to keep in mind, according to MLive. For starters, have you thought about the lighting in your office? While most buildings include fluorescent lighting, this could hamper productivity. Instead, the news provider suggests trying to use as much natural light as possible, which can help workers avoid such maladies as headaches and fatigue that come with being under constant fluorescent lights.

Color aesthetics also matter, according to the news provider. For example, while you may want to include your branding colors, different hues can evoke moods. Blues represent calmness, while bright colors such as orange help people feel energized. Keep this in mind when choosing a paint color.

Inc. reports you’ll also want to put some of the design aspects in the hands of the employees. Letting them outfit their cubes, offices and desks with their own design choices, within reason, is a great way to help them feel comfortable in their environment.

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