Match your entrance mat to the color of your business

Does your entrance mat stand out?

Choosing an entrance mat for your business? You may want to consider making sure it’s in sync with your branding. If you have a distinctive color with your business, then you want to include that in your outdoor marketing. When people are walking around outdoors and notice the distinctive coloring, they may register that it’s your business and come right in.

But what color should speak for your business? It turns out there are a lot of options. According to Innovation Excellence, 80 percent of what you take in through your senses is done visually. This means, if you’re trying to attract someone’s attention, an eye-catching color may be the way to do so.

Trying to think of a theme? The news provider suggests with pairing primary colors against each other, as this could stand out to the audience. Think of this as a way to really draw the attention of your potential customers.

According to Color Combos, your outside signage is your very first advertisement for your business. Same goes for entrance mats, if you are looking to draw in foot traffic, you want a color that’s going to capture the attention of your potential clients. Be sure to also include a creative logo so it will stick out more.

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