Taking the extra precautions at hospitals with safety matting

People go to the hospital for a multitude of reasons, but it’s always the goal of the doctor to ensure the patient leaves and never comes back. However, do hospital staff do everything possible to make sure the visit is a safe one? What about keeping employees themselves safe? Preventing injuries around the hospital space is a major concern, and reducing the chances of slipping is important with safety matting.

You’ll want to put water absorbent mats all around the entryway, as well as in any hallways or heavy traffic areas. Additionally, if there is a spill you’ll want to leave caution signs all around the area.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of lost work days for a healthcare employee due to a slip, trip or fall was 38.2 per 10,000. The report found that contaminants on the floor (including water) was the main culprit in causing a slip.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests putting mats in areas where there is frequently a lot of moisture. Additionally, making the staff aware that there is a wet floor and that it needs to be cleaned up and dried immediately. This could help reduce the amount of injuries sustained on a hospital campus.

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