Study links standing at work to happiness

Anti-fatigue mats can help ease standing.

There have been lots of studies covering the benefits of standing at work as opposed to sitting. Because being on your feet helps increase blood flow, and has been linked to fewer health risks, more managers have been trying to encourage standing while on the job. Anti-fatigue mats can help, because they offer a lot of padding that gives ease to joints that could otherwise be bothered by constant standing.

However, in addition to the health benefits that come with standing, you may find yourself smiling a lot more. According to Treehugger, working at a standing desk could make you happier throughout the day. Additionally, the participants reported they were 65 percent more productive while on the job and standing.

That doesn’t mean that just because you have a standing desk doesn’t mean that you need to be on your feet all day long. It’s all about having a balance. According to Popular Science, try your hand at sitting and taking standing breaks. Make it a prolonged break if you want to try and be more productive. With anything, it’s never good to do too much of one position, so trying to take breaks in between throughout the day will keep you the healthiest and happiest.

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