There are multiple benefits to rubber stair treads

Rubber stairs could benefit a company in more ways than one.
Rubber stairs could benefit a company in more ways than one.

Stair treads can do a lot in keeping people safe. They offer easy grip so even people with the most slippery of footwear have a little something extra protecting them as they walk up and down flights. Additionally, heavily trafficked areas such as stairs can lead to a slippery surface due to general wear and excess dirt and moisture being tracked in.

There are a lot of benefits to using rubber stair treads. According to Angie’s List, they are very durable and can be pretty easy to install, although a professional may still be the best option for the installation. Rubber generally adds an extra layer of support to the joints and may not be as harsh on the legs during the climb as harder surfaces.

Not only does rubber help prevent slips and is less harsh on the joints, it’s also considered environmentally friendly. According to, rubber flooring has been tied to improving indoor air quality and is considered durable with a long life cycle. Additionally, once it is time to replace the rubber treads with new ones, the old flooring can be recyclable or easily disposed of in a local landfill, according to the news provider. This could benefit those who are looking for environmentally friendly options.

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