Think twice about ice-melting chemicals

When trying to keep your guests safe, whether it’s in your business or home, it’s important to ensure you’re using smart tactics. The winter chill brings messy weather, and that could cause people to slip and fall. However, getting rid of the snow and ice requires proper care.

Using a heating mat can not only provide traction to your walkway, but it can also melt the snow and ice in its path. This option has a lot more health benefits than some of the ice melting chemicals on the market.

According to the Daily Camera, ice-melting products can irritate the skin, irritate your animal’s paws and potentially cause health problems for your pet that accidently ingests some of these chemicals.

It’s not only people and animals who could be affected by these chemicals, the University of Delaware reports that it these measures could affect the environment as well. The news provider points out that using fertilizer to melt the snow and ice is a common step, because people believe it could have positive effects on the environment. However, the fertilizer doesn’t actually seep into the ground like it’s supposed to due to the frozen ground. Instead, the fertilizer melts with other ice and falls into gutters and other water streams, potentially causing harm to the environment.

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